"Guilt... It follows and guides me, but now that my strength for the sake of Eorzea and the people I love, I might be able to make things right."
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Brii Dunviing


I mildly dislike The Ruins of Amdapoor cause Diabolos at the end can be annoying sometimes, but that dungeon is pretty to admire, and the music for it is both somber yet calming at the same time.

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Draykan noticed she never gave her name back but didn’t push her on it, seeing she was more distracted by the carnage going on a fair distance away. It was a damn shame, the waste of life that was going on in the name of hunting. It wasn’t even hunting, just obliteration.

"It’s such a waste of life." The dark-haired man muttered with a sigh, shaking his head. "But I don’t think there’s anything to do except lament it. Not like the word of two people out of millions will do any good… I wish we could change it though, such a loss of life…"


     ✘——-     Again, surprised of the comments she glanced at Draykan with the corner of her eye, finally allowing herself to turn completely towards him. Strange looking fellow, he really was, but as well-mannered as Brii was she wouldn’t question anyone’s looks. Bow still in her hand, she let it lower, embers burned to the other person.

     "—-The opinion you hold, it is quite  u n u s u a l  around here.” She admitted. "Tell me, ser, where are you from? If my assumption does not bother you, I would suspect you are from Gridania." How little did she know Draykan wasn’t from this realm at all.

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     ✘——-     "But ser Draykan!" Brii gasps a smile on her lips —- surprised as she was, but also very amused. "I do not even know you yet! Do not speak nonsense. You cannot win woman’s heart just like that." She chuckled.

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     ✘——-     At first, she only chuckled lightly to the question rather amusing. Her hands tied behind her back, a smile rising to her face Brii mused out: "I am no pet, though the ears and the tail would tell otherwise. If you win my heart, I shall be kept as  y o u r s.”

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"I met a man today. He seemed really strange… Blue hair is something you rarely see here. Little perplexing… Rarely do people think like me, also. Being after peace is something I do not see every day —- I am very eager to know more about this person. Who he is, what is he doing here… Why is he thinking like me?"



Part of her wanted to laugh at the somewhat naive mi’qote. There was a good chance she was a stray, not unlike Y’landa herself.  Most miqo’te tribes were hunters; killing beasts was a way of life for them. Most miqo’te have their first kill before puberty. But, as she was concentrating on casting spells, keeping track on her surroundings, and managing her pet, she couldn’t much dedicate any more of her mental functions to something like that.

But, now that the beasts were dead, and she had sufficiently raided their corpses for usable material, she could once more turn her attention to the other. "Gets easier after a while, lass. Ye quickly learn it be either ye or it. I dunno’bout ye, but I prefer livin’ t’bein’ dead, savvy?"


     ✘——-     Brii watched as the scholar killed the beasts, collecting everything that she thought was best for her profit. But, who was Brii to command anyone, nor to speak her opinion so loud? She couldn’t —- of course —- change someone’s mindset just like that, and it wasn’t her intention in the first place.

     She didn’t spare a thought —- or more likely, didn’t even understand to think it through — to the fact that maybe this other Miqo’te might have had her suspicions. Brii wasn’t a normal miqo’te, if one at all.

    "It sure does. Still, to me, learning to it is  n o t   a n   o p t i o n. She muttered out, turning her gaze to the carcass of the animal lying on the ground. "Call me naive, call me what ever you wish, I care not… This is not for me."


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